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Family Adjustment Seminar

In 1980, NDAB developed the Family Adjustment Seminar. The purpose of this seminar is to help individuals and their families who are experiencing various degrees of sight loss cope with their changing situation, and achieve better communication and understanding within the family. The Seminar must be attended by the person who is experiencing sight loss and one or two family members, or a close friend. The North Dakota Association of the Blind pays for most of the responsible expenses of those attending.
These expenses include meals and lodging.

Sessions begin in the morning and run throughout the day. The Seminar includes panel discussions, videos, small and large group discussions, and some unique experiences for the sighted family members. Each session of the Seminar builds on the previous session, so it is essential that all participants attend the entire Seminar.

Currently there are no dates for the 2015 Seminar. For information please contact:

Janelle Olson
Phone 701-570-0801