Lions Foundation Magnification Program

The Lions Foundation of North Dakota has approved a statewide Lions Foundation of North Dakota Video Magnifier Program. This video magnifier program has been immediately put into place. The project is a joint effort of the North Dakota Lions, North Dakota Association of the Blind, North Dakota Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and North Dakota Vision Services/School for the Blind. The committee consists of two members from each group.

The committee spent much time in research and found that the immediate need in North Dakota at about 120 video magnifiers. To achieve this need in the quickest and most efficient manner, 60 new video magnifiers and 60 used magnifiers were purchased.

The Video Magnifier Program is a simple process. Fill out our online application
or obtain one from any of the four partners in this project. After you have completed the application it goes to the selection committee for review either to approve or to deny. If approved, the applicant goes onto a waiting list for placement, which occurs once funding becomes available.

At the time of placement you will be required to fill out the terms and conditions of the lease. The lease is $20 per month plus a one time delivery and set up fee of $50 which is Non Refundable. The lease will stay in place for as long as the applicant wishes.

Anyone with vision loss who would benefit from the use of a Video Magnifier may apply if they meet the following eligibility criteria of being a resident of ND for at least 8 months out of the year and agree on a monthly payment option. Also, students under 18 may apply for “at home use only” as schools should provide for student needs in the school setting.

Helen Keller asked the Lions to help her bring light to others. We answered that call as no other organization could, and our light of service is more relevant today than ever before. I would now quote our International President “I want Lions to realize they are the ones that people look to for a promise of a better tomorrow. They are the Beacon of Hope”. The time is NOW!!!

Kevin Vannett

Executive Director, North Dakota Lions Foundation



“Many tasks that would be frustrating or impossible to do, I can do independently with the help of my video magnifier. That independence is worth so much to me.”

Stutsman County Resident

“I couldn’t live without it. Without it, half of my life would be gone. It is one of the most important things I have. If you can’t read anything, you can’t do anything for yourself. Hand magnifiers don’t work for me anymore. There is no other way to do things on my own at all. It is a very important part of my life.”

Morton County Resident