Dining in the Dark

Dining in the Dark is an annual event that was initiated several years ago by the Minot Lions.

During the event, each table has a “host” who is blind or low-vision. That person guides blindfolded diners through a five-course meal, sharing helpful eating tips and answering questions about vision loss.

A bald man and woman wear blindfolds. They're both in the middle of taking a bite of food at a dining table. The sun is shining through the windows behind them.

The purpose of this collaborative experience is to educate the public about sight loss and the need for crucial blindness skills training. Through this shoulder-to-shoulder exchange, participants get to know about us, our mission and our organization.

NDAB is willing to partner with other Lions for a Dining in the Dark experience in other communities throughout  the state. For further information, contact Janelle Olson at 701-570-0801.