Important Sports and Recreation Committee Announcement

The Sports & Recreation Committee is pleased to announce we will once again be hosting our 4th annual retreat at Wesley Acres near Dazey, ND. The event will be held September 16th, 17th & 18th, starting at 3:00 p.m. on the 16th and ending at noon on the 18th. This year’s event will be similar to the previous three years, with activities ranging from rock climbing to kayaking, as well as other blind sports. Once again, this year, in addition to our other activities, staff from Wesley Acres will be instructing archery classes!

Any individuals with sight loss ages 14 and up are welcome to register and attend (14–17 year-olds do require a chaperone.) The cost is free for participants with sight loss. A plus-one is welcome to attend with each participant for $75. This can be a parent, spouse, friend, child, etc.
Wesley Acres’ COVID-19 policies will be adhered to for this event as well as NDAB Camp policies and guidelines.
The Sports & Recreation Committee is excited to welcome each and every one of you to attend this year’s retreat, as we promote exploring new activities and leading active lives.

You can apply at: Email here with any questions.