NDAB Board Meeting Minutes June 14, 2020

NDAB Board meeting was called to order by President Zelda at 6:30 p.m.

In attendance:  Zelda, Shereen, Mary Lou, Rebecca, Mickey, Mark, Allan, Trampes

Guests who introduced themselves: Doug Puetz, Ali Engraf, Bob Moore, Doug Stip

Guest Topics

Bob Moore: functioning beep balls needed for upcoming sports activities; charger needed to charge a ball that Bob owns. He wants to borrow a charger. An equipment agreement by the Sports & Rec Committee is pending.



There has been a lot of email communication shared with members.  If you know someone who doesn’t have email, please share the information with them. 

Coffee Chat and Tech Talk Tuesday calls have promoted interaction with NDVS/SB & NDAB members & others. Five states were represented on one call. This has been a successful way to learn new things and interact with NDAB members & friends.

Zoom is being explored & training is being provided. This helps NDAB members to learn technology needed to attend ACB National Convention. Checks sent to ACB Braille Forum for $500, door prizes $50, auction item for $100 to Zelda to reimburse the purchase.


Email decisions: April Minutes, approved 5-14

Volunteer Hours: Zelda encouraged that the hours be sent to Gretchen, if not already done.

Sympathy cards sent to:

James Johnson for death of his brother-in-law

Pat Phelps for death of her husband

Dale Hoppe for death of his Foster mom Irene Olmstead

Carmen Suminski for death of cousin

Lexee Steffan for death of grandma

The family of Marie Weixel for death of Marie


Mary Lou had a question about expenses for ACB Leadership; Zelda clarified.

Allan made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report, Shereen 2nd. MSC

With COVID-19 causing cancellation of the NDAB State Convention, the Membership will not meet this year. Due to this, the 2019-2020 Budget will be carried over to 2020-2021.

Shereen moved that the Budget be carried over to the next year,

Mickey 2nd. MSC.

Annual review hasn’t been scheduled yet, contacted CPA via email. No response, will call.

Development Director

Allan will work on The Walk for Vision over the summer. It will be on Thursday, October 15, 2020. Format of people gathering, virtual, or a combination of both is being considered.

NDAB’s Giving Hearts Day 2021 planning meeting tentatively scheduled on October 26.



Change in Awards Manual will be made & approved by the Board in the future, as Shereen has suggestions for updates.

Robert LePage Award winner; Mark has attempted to notify; no response.

Plaques not done. Awards will be presented at 2021 convention

Advocate, Ed Christianson, Robert LePage recipients for 2020 & 2021 will be recognized at the 2021 Convention.

Friend of NDAB skipped 2020, will be given in 2021.                    


NDAB website emails are being sent to Board Members. There have been valid emails, but some are spam.


Voting machines are accessible, but voters must go to the polling location. Mail-in absentee ballots are not accessible for independent voting. Allan and Zelda have met with staff from the Secretary of State Office.



By Mary Lou Stip, NDAB Vice President

Numbers as of June 14, 2020:

246 active members

40 blind

109 visually impaired (60.56 percent blind and visually impaired.)

97 sighted. (39.43 percent)

1 Honorary member (Terry Nelson, St. Paul, MN)

4 Lifetime members (Helen Baumgartner, Mandan, Shereen Faber and Richard Feldman of Fargo, and Elaine Kelm, Jamestown.)

26 new members.

4 did not renew.

2 deaths: Robert Geske, Fargo, January 13, 2020

Clifford Phelps, Grand Forks, April 20, 2020

Application submitted by C. J. and Carol Johnson, Moorhead, MN. C.J. is sighted, Carol is visually impaired; Lilly Mankie, East Grand Forks, MN, sighted; Elias Youngbloom, Fargo, ND, blind. 

Allan made a motion to approve new members, Shereen 2nd. MSC.

Mary Lou made her goal of 250 members.

Former members Mavis Anderson & Marie Weixel have passed away.

Sports and Recreation 

Recreation Retreat

Trampes has communicated with Wesley Acres Camp & Retreat Center. By July 6, they will discuss if Recreation Retreat may be safely held. Due to COVID-19 restrictions options for activities & length of retreat will be explored. Decisions will be made by July 10th. This would allow the Sports & Recreation Committee to get notifications out to members in preferred format for August Promoter to inform people wanting to attend the Fall Recreation Retreat September 18-20.

Equipment Loan Agreement

Trampes made a motion to suspend RRO, Mickey 2nd. MSC.

There was discussion about what to call the document, shipping costs, liability, only NDAB members may borrow, responsibilities of borrower, time limit, purpose, preference for group vs personal use, normal wear is expected. The Sports & Recreation Committee will work on an agreement.

Unfinished Business

Since the 2020 Raffle was cancelled, money was returned to buyers & unsold tickets need to be returned to Gretchen. Some ticket buyers wanted their purchases to be rolled over to the 2021 Raffle. There needs to be an accounting of how many buyers chose this option. Send list to Gretchen for accounting of tickets & money being held. The money will be deposited in the First International checking account. 

New Business


The Zoom platform for a year Pro Account at cost of $149.99 with a maximum of 100 participants for a year. There’s no meeting time limit, no overlapping meetings, equipment to access are landline phone, cell phone, tablet or computer.

One advantage is that host can mute/unmute participants, eliminating background household noise of participants.

A host can assign a co-host.  It is very accessible as voiceover and screen readers give auditory indicators.

It was suggested that our license be connected to both of the following email accounts:  president@ndab.org  treasurer@ndab.org  

Allan made a motion to move to Zoom for NDAB remote communications, Mickey 2nd. A friendly amendment was offered by Trampes to include the time limit of one year.  The amendment was accepted.  MSC

Board Appointment and Approval

Zelda, Trampes, Rebecca and Lexee will continue in their current positions for the next year. Their terms would be over, but due to no NDAB State Convention in 2020, no elections were held.

Mary Lou has completed her term & does not wish to serve another year as Vice President. Ali Engraf was a nominee for VP for 2020 elections. Zelda chose to appoint her to serve until the next NDAB Convention in 2021.

Mary Lou made a motion to approve Ali Engraf as VP until the next election, Allan 2nd. MSC.

Congratulations to Ali. Thanks to Mary Lou for her dedicated service.


Annual Reports

August Promoter will contain 2020 reports typically shared at NDAB State Convention, deadline is July 10.

ND Optometric Association

The ND Optometric Association will have a convention Sunday October 18 at Ramkota in Bismarck. The cost for a table at the convention is $75 for 1 person, $150 for 2 people. NDAB has had a table at this event in the past.

Mary Lou moved to allocate $150 for two people to attend ND Optometric Assn Convention, Allan 2nd. MSC.

Display Case

Mary Lou asked about 2nd display case. Gretchen has 1st one & it needs updating with new logo & paperwork.

Ali will explore what’s available for possible purchase of additional display

Fundraising Event

July 23 outdoors at Tailgators Bar & Grill in Fargo. “Boogie Knights” band will play. Sterling silver jewelry will be sold 4:30 -7:00. Shereen’s sister-in-law, Judy Geske, is donating her commissions to NDAB. More information will follow for those who want to purchase online.

Just Talking 

June 16 – ACB Convention – how to attend

July 21– Camp memories

August 18 – Planning for our future

Sept, Oct, Nov–Zelda is looking for ideas. Contact her with suggestions

Next Meeting: Sunday, September 13 at 6:30 PM. Adjournment 9:11pm

Allan motion to adjourn, Shereen 2nd. MSC.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebecca Anderson, Treasurer/Registered Agent

Gretchen Campbell, Secretary, unable to attend Board Meeting

Approved 6-28-2020