NDAB Board Minutes April 3 2022

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes from April 3, 2022



April 3, 2022

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Trampes Brown, Ali Engraf, Rebecca Anderson, Helen Baumgartner, Mickey Teubner, Doug Stip, Milissa Miller, Allan Peterson and Zelda Gebhard


GUESTS PRESENT: Mary Stip, Paula Anundson, Loris VanBerkom, Janelle Olson, Tracy Wicken & Michelle Zentz.

CALL TO ORDER: Trampes called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm via Zoom.

ROLL CALL: Helen took roll call.


Scholarships: Tracy Wicken reported there were two applicants. The Scholarship Committee recommended awarding both applicants $2,000. Applicants are Amy Osvold and Faith Norby. Allan made a motion to award each applicant a $2,000 scholarship, seconded by Mickey. MC

Awards: Paula reported the plaques have been ordered for all awards except the Bob LaPage Award. There is only one applicant for this award at this time.


President: Trampes reported the ACB Leadership meetings were held in March. The ACB National Convention will be hybrid in 2022. Trampes did some public relations activities with Our Redeemer Church in Minot.

Secretary: Doug made a motion to approve the March 6th board minutes as amended, seconded by Mickey. MC. The minutes were approved on March 12th, 2022.


On March 9th a sympathy card was sent to Pat Vannett for the loss of her husband, Kevin Vannett, NDAB member.

Treasurer: Rebecca will need to purchase an update for QuickBooks. At the convention, Shereen’s family will sponsor a coffee break in Shereen’s name with the raffle money held from a previous raffle. Allan made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s report, seconded by Mickey. MC

Development Director: Allan reported there is a proposal for a fundraiser of sales of a cookbook in honor of Shereen. This cookbook is a compilation of 127 of her favorite recipes. The cost of 100 cookbooks would be 8.77/cookbook. Missy will check to see if the cookbook can be made accessible and get back to the board.


Camp: Missy shared the list of classes and instructors who have committed, along with some of the activities planned for the week.

Communication: Trampes reported there was a meeting to streamline information with Facebook and the website. The committee will meet every two to three months in the future.

Financial Committee: Allan reported some committee members met with a financial advisor from Bell Investments. He is willing to look at our investments, help devise a financial policy, and help with the future management of our finances.

Convention: The convention will be held June 10 – 12 at the Holiday Inn Express Southwest, 4711 19th Ave S. The hotel has a full hot breakfast bar on site. Meals will be catered. May 15th will be the deadline for registration. The theme is “See Blind Possible”.

Membership: Ali reported she is still working on membership renewals. Paid members have been certified on AMMS.

Olga Neal Memorial Committee: Helen reported the cost of placing a plaque on the benches. The cost would range from $10 for plastic to $45 for a rust proof metal. Missy made a motion not to put a plaque on the bench, seconded by Zelda. At this time the board decided not to pursue putting a plaque on the benches. The motion and second were withdrawn. An article will be submitted to the Promoter for ideas to utilize the remainder of the Olga Neal Estate funds.

Constitution and Bylaws: The proposed amendments were presented to the board. Allan made a motion for a recommendation of a do pass from the board, seconded by Mickey. MC

Legislative: Allan reported there has been contact made with representatives from Congressman Armstrong’s office and with Senator Cramer’s office. Allan is trying to get an appointment arranged with Senator Hoeven’s office. Accessibility was the major topic of discussion with each representative.



Life Enrichment: The committee met to develop guidelines for awarding these funds. The proposed guidelines were presented to the board. Any additional ideas should be submitted to the committee.

ACB Auction: As delegate, Allan will determine what item will be purchased for the auction.

NEXT MEETING: Preconvention board meeting – May 22nd, 2022 at 7:00 pm.

ADJOURN: Allan made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mickey. MC

The meeting was adjourned at 9:33 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Helen Baumgartner, NDAB Secretary