NDAB Board Meeting Minutes June 3rd 2018

NDAB Board Minutes
June 3rd, 2018

The meeting was called to order by Zelda at 6:30 p.m. Present were Zelda, Mary, Helen, Gretchen, Carol, Trampes, Mark, Allan and Robert. Guests were Rick Feldman, Mickey Tuebner, Michelle Zentz, Loris Van Berkom and Janelle Olson.

Zelda asked for a motion to approve the agenda. Mary made the motion, Carol 2nd. MSC.

Summer Camp-Loris reported that summer camp will be August 5-12. The theme this year will be New Year Resolutions. Classes for camp were presented to the board for approval. Carol made a motion to approve, Robert 2nd. MSC.

Dining in the Dark-Janelle reported that Minot is still very interested in having another event. The event is usually in October.


Treasurer-Helen reported. NDAB was one of the organizations that Olga Neal willed her estate to. The organization has received a partial payment in the amount of $20,000.
Development Director-Walk for Vision brought in $12,000-$13,000. Budget has been put together. Giving Hearts Day will be Feb. 14th.

Secretary’s Report-Sympathy cards were sent to Gary Samson, Dennis Register, Lexee Steffan, Whitney Engbrecht.
Decisions made via email by the board were:
Approval of April 8 board meeting minutes (4-9)
Approval of flowers for Gretchen (5-4)
Approval of Advocate of the Year Award (5-19)
Approval of Genie Lang as Advocate of the Year (5-19)

Membership was reported by Mary. There are two new members:
Elizabeth Love and Mara Hintz both of Minot. We currently have 215 members.
Allan made a motion to accept new members, Carol 2nd. MSC.

Web Administrator Report will be given at convention.

Legislative and Advocacy: There will be resolutions for discussion at the general meeting. Marrakesh Treaty is still in Congress.

Sports and Recreation: There has been trouble finding equipment. Trampes will contact Todd Fahlstrom to get information of who to contact. Equipment that has been purchased is:
Goal Ball
Beep kickball
Wireless set of beep kickball bases
The committee would like to have recreational events at several different cities in the state. They are looking at suggestions of how to finance transportation for individuals

Unfinished Business

2018 State Convention Update
The 2018 convention will be at the Quality Inn in Bismarck June 8-10. Blind Joe will be performing at the banquet. Also President Kim Charlson will be in attendance. Tours of the Heritage Center and State Library are planned. There are 52 members registered, 8 guests and 8 legislators.

The awards committee guidelines were to be approved. Allan made a motion to approve, Trampes 2nd, MSC.

Audio Description Workshop went well. There were 13 attendees.

New Business

Discussion was held about the Philmore voicemail system. Using this system would allow members who do not have e-mail to call in and receive updates that others receive via e-mail. Cost would be $275.40/yr.

Next meeting June 10th after convention

Allan made a motion to adjourn, Trampes 2nd, MSC. Meeting closed at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gretchen Campbell

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