Board Meeting Minutes – April 2, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Zelda. Roll call was taken. Present: Carol, Mary, Zelda, Allan, Helen, Robert and Gretchen. Absent: Mark and Sherry. Guests: Shereen Faber, Tracy Wicken and Michelle Zentz.

Motion made by Mary to adopt the agenda as presented. Seconded by Helen. MSC.

Robert LePage Service Award Committee Report:

Shereen reported that no decision has been made yet.

Nominating Committee Report:

Was given by Michelle Zentz. A full slate of candidates was presented and will be published in the Promoter.

Scholarship Committee Report:

The Committee recommended the following recipients:
NDAB Scholarships: James Yesel-$2,000, Jyoti Rai-$1,000,
and Ethin Probst-$1,000.
Emma Skogen: Cole Roberts-$1,000
Carol made a motion to accept, Mary seconded. MSC.

President’s Report:

Emails were sent to members urging them to make hotel reservations early for the 2017 convention.

Secretary’s Report:

Decisions made by email were as follows:
Approval of scholarship committee guidelines (3-7)
Approval of nominating committee guidelines (3-28)
Sympathy card was sent to Shirley Lindstrom on the death of her mother. Genie Lang, Gretchen Campbell and Tonya and Brant Adams also had a death of their sister-in-law/aunt.

Thinking of you card was sent to Helen on behalf of the board.

Treasurer’s Report:

Some Walk donations have been received otherwise no changes since the March 5 meeting.

Development Director Report:

2017 Walk for Vision on April 29th. Walks will be in Grand Forks, Fargo, Minot, Bismarck and Williston. Walk chairpersons will be meeting via a teleconference call on Thursday, April 6th.

Membership Report:

The following member applicants were presented:
Jyoti Rai – Grand Forks
Jill Herz – Williston
Ginger Anderson – Bismarck

Mary made a motion to approve new members, Robert second. MSC.

Web Administrator:

Robert reported. More work has been done on the NDAB website and with Facebook.

Legislative Report:

Allan attended and testified at the Senate Appropriations Committee hearing in support of the NDVS/SB budget. Zelda contacted the Senate Appropriations committee members regarding the NDVS/SB budget request. She received acknowledgements of thanks for her advocacy from a few. She provided information to promote advocacy among NDAB members who live in the different legislative districts who are represented in the State Legislature by the 14 senators on the Senate Appropriations Committee.  Information will continue to be provided to members so they can support blindness programs on the federal level.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee Report:

The committee presented their report which consisted of four proposed amendments to the Constitution. These will be published in the May Promoter.

Unfinished Business:

a. 2017 State Convention
Carol reported that plans are coming along for “Spice Up Your Life,” June 9-11 at the Great American Inn and Suites.
b. The Constitution and By-Laws Committee Guidelines were presented. Allan made a motion to approve, Robert seconded. MSC.

New Business:

a. There was discussion about the possible need for guidelines for state convention stipends. It was recommended that changes be made to the Convention Committee Guidelines that emphasize the “defraying of expenses.” When notifications are made to those drawn to receive stipends, they will be asked if they will be staying at the hotel.
b. Dawn Brush, a NDAB member and Pampered Chef consultant, has volunteered to have a fundraiser for NDAB. Allan made a motion to accept Dawn’s offer, Carol second. MSC.

Motion to adjourn was made by Allan, second by Carol. MSC. Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 p.m.

June 9th at 4 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gretchen Campbell
NDAB Secretary

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