Board Meeting Minutes – December 11th 2016


The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by Zelda. Roll call was taken. Present were Carol, Mary, Mark, Zelda, Allan, Sherry, Helen, Robert and Gretchen. Guests: Genie Lang and Doug Stip.

Motion made by Carol to adopt the agenda as presented. Seconded by Allan. MSC.

President’s Report

A recent ACB membership teleconference addressed reaching out to more people. Zelda has written State VIST Coordinator (VA) and shared the “Support Groups Near You” document. She is working on a “NDAB letter of introduction” that could be sent to VR clients. There has been communication with the Prairie Rose Lions about having a Dining in the Dark event in Bismarck. During the Parade of Green at the State Lions Convention several Lions groups made donations to NDAB. NDAB member, Tracy Wicken was there and accepted them for us.

Secretary’s Report

Decisions made by email during the last quarter were as follows:
Approval of September 11 NDAB Board Minutes (9-26)
Approval of additional order of t-shirts (9-21)
Approval of Door Prize to be given from the NDAB booth at the ND Optometric Association Convention (9-23)
Approval of revised Memorandum of Understanding with NDVS/SB (10-28)
Approval of suggesting the rate change to $20 for bus transportation to Ski for Light in 2018
Approval of minutes from Board meeting 10-14 _10-28)
Approval of purchase of QuickBooks software to be used by Treasurer (11-17)

Sympathy cards sent to:
Brant and Tonya Adams on the death of Brant’s father.

Thank you from Lions Sight 4 Kidz on the donation from NDAB.

Treasurer’s Report

Helen gave the treasurer’s report. Allan made a motion to approve, Mary 2nd. MSC.

Development Director

Allan reported that the soliciting letters have been sent to the Lions. There are some gaming ones yet to be sent. Allan will be working at raising $4000 in matching funds for Giving Hearts Day. Walk for Vision will be April 29th. Will be working on the Fargo Dining In The Dark with Janelle.


Discussion was held about how we can help people who want to join but can’t afford dues. Mary submitted member applications. Allan made a motion to accept new members, Mark 2nd. MSC.

New members are:
Ken Dockter, Maureen Kelly Jonason, Audrey Hugelen, Perry Olson, Patricia Harr, James Henderson Jr, Greg Otis, Linda Mielke, Julene Joy Ramirez, Denis Register, Angela Wolff, Kathy DeWall, John Streese, Mary Wood, Barbara Satterthwaite, Beth Bakke Stenehjem, Mabel Verbitsky, Helen Samson, Chad Gilbertson, and Joanne Farden.

Public Relations

Still looking for PR Chairperson.

Web Administrator

Robert reported. A small team was formed and they are working on the website and Facebook. They are Lexee Steffan, Whitney Engbrecht and Robert Hart. They have started meeting once a month to keep each other informed about what’s going on, and to facilitate planning.

“News from around the state” has been removed from all Promoters on the website. The extraction of board meeting minutes from Promoters into their own articles is still ongoing. The membership form has been rewritten. We are currently testing it and will get it published in place of the old one very soon.

Conducting a social media campaign right now. It is called the “NDAB blind tips advent calendar.” We are trying to exploit people’s fascination with how the blind and vision impaired get things done to build audience around the NDAB Facebook page. Each day a life tip is posted.

Other matters:
Google Apps email domain has been set up. Will start to get board members set up soon.


ACB Legislative Seminar is Feb. 26-28. Allan and Zelda will be attending. During the state legislative session, anyone can testify on their own behalf but must register with the secretary of state if they are to testify on behalf of NDAB.

Strategic Planning

Rose Stoller sent a draft of the strategic planning review. We are still working on reorganizing our plan by listing moving some objectives under different goals. Genie Lang accepted the position of Goal 4 leader. Michelle Zentz, Goal 2 leader has recommended that we combine the Robert LePage committee and Edwin Christensen committee to form an Awards Committee. Motion to combine the committees made by Carol, 2nd by Mary. MSC.

2017 State Convention

Carol reported. Service organizations will be asked to help set up. Board members were asked to bring door prizes if possible.

Unfinished Business

Dining In the Dark-Fargo was already reported.

NDAB Adult Summer Camp

Helen’s relative did not have enough siding for The Hideaway. Bids are currently being received. Smoking issue will be brought up at the beginning of camp. An individual is getting music together for a second dance at camp to possibly be held on Wednesday night. Menu ideas can be turned in to Loris by June 15. She will submit to Dan for consideration by staff.

Photo Release

Do we need one? Discussion was held. Allan made motion to not use a formal release and that instead we adopt the policy of contacting members and non-members to seek their permission. Carol 2nd. MSC.

New Business

Promotional items

There was discussion about getting promotional items for outreach events the association takes part in. some of the items discussed were lip balm/mint combos, signature guides, rulers, fanny packs and ink pens. It was also recommended that blindfolds with the NDAB logo could be ordered for use at future Dining in the Dark events. Allan made a motion to purchase 250 pens with the NDAB name and logo on them as a test run. Mary 2nd. MSC.

Discussion about pros and cons of having a Square Reader to use at outreach events such as the Walk for Vision. Gretchen will get more information and report back to the board.


2017 Adult Weeks at NDVS/SB March 5-10, June 4-9 and June 11-16. Disability Awareness Day Feb.16 at the Capitol.
Next meeting: March 5th at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:53 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gretchen Campbell, NDAB Secretary

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