Call to Convention 2021

2021 Convention

Get ‘er Done in ’21 — With Kindness

The NDAB 2021 Convention Planning Committee invites you to Get ’er Done in ’21. While sitting in your favorite chair in the comfort of your home, you can join us via Zoom on June 11-13 for our first virtual convention.

The Convention will be more streamlined than when we meet in-person, but there will still be elections, keynote speaker, door prizes, and the ability for all to participate. Yes, free t-shirts, too!

No hotel reservations, transportation plans or menu choices need to be made as you will be sleeping in your bed and eating what’s in your refrigerator.

You will, however, need to choose how to connect. Any of the following options will allow you to participate:

  1. Use the Zoom app link on a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  2. Dial in using the one-tap link on a smart phone.
  3. Dial in on a landline telephone or cell phone.

The fun will start with Flashback Friday from 7 to 9 PM. Plan to listen to familiar excerpts from the Camp Talent Show, play games and more. Enjoy being together again and get comfortable with Zoom at the same time.

The opening ceremony will begin on Saturday at 8:30 AM. The morning will continue with the business of the organization including reports and speaker. Business will continue after lunch until we recess for the day following the nominations for officers, board directors and other positions. Voting will take place that evening from 5-7 PM with volunteer tellers from the Williston Korner Lions calling eligible voters (members who have paid their dues and have registered for the Convention).

Sunday will begin with a Memorial Service at 9 AM. The Awards Ceremony will follow. Our business meeting will resume at 11 AM and will include approval of the budget and election results with adjournment planned for 12 noon.

Click here to register online

A Registration Confirmation Packet will be sent in response to your registration and will contain a full agenda, proposed budget, details about the election process, convention standing rules and Zoom connection and use information.

There will be multiple opportunities to learn and get comfortable with Zoom. Please let us know what help you may need by indicating it on your registration form. We have some Zoom Techs ready and waiting to assist.

We look forward to getting together with you to have some fun and get our business done, too! Don’t delay, register today!

Let’s Get ‘er Done in ’21 – With Kindness!

NDAB Convention Planning Committee

Remember – Registration Deadline is May 7th