December NDAB Board Meeting Minutes – Dec.15, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Zelda at 6:33 p.m. Present were Zelda, Mary, Gretchen, Rebecca, Trampes, Allan, Mark and Mickey. Absent was Shereen.

President’s Report

272 letters about accessible prescription labeling were sent to ND Pharmacists. There were both groups and individuals who signed the letter in support.
Shereen had a jewelry fundraiser for NDAB. Money raised will go to the organization. Thank you Shereen.

Secretary’s Report

Only one decision was made by e-mail since the last meeting which was the approval of the Oct. minutes on 11/27. A sympathy card was sent to Cheryl Cassman on the death of her husband. Also a thinking of you card was sent to Dan Mimnaugh, director Camp Grassick.
Starting November 1st committee members were asked to keep track of their volunteer hours. We are starting this process because some grant applications request this information. Gretchen will keep track of total hours and send out reminders to turn in hours.

Treasurer’s Report

Discussion was held about putting the memorial from Olga Neal estate in its own account. There was a hearing Dec. 9th on Olga’s estate and groups were notified of the remaining split. The money will not be disbursed for 60 days.
Deb Johnsen is now the authorized signor on accounts. Rolette Charitable gaming will be going towards Camp Grassick. Allan made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Mickey 2nd. MSC.

Development Director

Walk for Vision so far has raised $5,400. There is still more coming in. Mailed letter to Lions and charitable gaming organizations. Goal match for Giving Hearts Day is $10,000.


Will be meeting Dec. 18th.


The 2020 convention will be June 5-7 at the Townhouse Motel in Grand Forks. Theme is Focused Forward in 2020.


Things are getting added to the boxes. Currently being worked on are the constitution and bylaws.


Six individuals have applied for membership.
Wayne Stenehjem, Bismarck, ND
Nick Pavel, Sioux Falls, SD
Lorraine Ziegler, Minot, ND
Walfrid “Wally” Hankla, Minot, ND
Wanda Kroeplin, Bottineau, ND
Margo Lentz, East Grand Forks, MN
Mickey made a motion to approve the applications, Allan 2nd, MSC.

Sports and Rec

Wesley Acres has been contacted about possible dates for a fall retreat. The committee is considering the second weekend in September. There is a possibility of an opportunity to meet with families of youngsters with visual issues. The event is being put on by NDVS/SB in Minot in the spring. NDAB will be contributing $1,050 to the expenses for Ski for Light. Committee is still working on the equipment loan agreement. New members to the sports and rec committee are Cheryl Cassman, Nick Pavel, Kathryn Schmidt and Brant Adams.

Unfinished Business

Life Enrichment Committee: Has not yet met

Regional training by NDVS went well. Allan made a motion to donate $250.00 to the NDSU Crossroads Lutheran Center for the use of the center for the training and walk. Mary seconded the motion. MSC.

New Business

People have been contacting NDAB about donating used video magnifiers. These calls have been referred to Kevin Vannett. We should have a plan if approached about a donation. The Lions Video Magnifier Foundation currently has enough video magnifiers to meet the demand for them. Because of this, they are currently not accepting the older donated models. Rebecca will contact DVR about the possible availability of their staff to serve as contacts for donated machines.

Just Talking: December 17th. If anyone has topic ideas, please let board know.

Next meeting January 12th at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gretchen Campbell, Secretary

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