Dining in the Dark, Minot 2017

Once again, we are proud to partner with Minot Lions Club to help them put on their second “Dining in the Dark” event.

At Dining in the Dark, diners wear blindfolds while they enjoy a five course meal. At each table, a member of the NDAB will be there to guide you through the meal and to answer your questions about blindness. While it is hard to appreciate what it is like to be blind, this event gives you a brief sense of it.

The event will be held on Thursday 12th October, at Elevation Restaurant, Minot Country Club, 1912 Valley Bluff Drive, Minot.
The evening starts with a social at 5:30pm, and the meal is at 6pm.
Tickets cost $60 each and can be purchased at the Elevation Restaurant.

This event is also a fund raiser for the North Dakota Association of the Blind.

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