Life Enrichment Guidelines

Life Enrichment

Approved: May 22, 2022


To financially assist members in their quest for new life experiences in ways that enrich their lives by pursuing skills, training, and nontraditional education.

Budget Available:

$5000 annually


NDAB Members

75% not to exceed $1000

Preference will be given to applications from individuals who have not been awarded a grant in the previous three years.


May include but not limited to training, workshops, classes, seminars in a variety of areas such as technology, arts, exercise and wellness, cooking, etc.

“First Time” experiences will be given preference such as attendance to Ski for Light for the first time.


Monies will be distributed directly to the entity involved upon submission of registration or as reimbursement of expense receipt. Exploration of additional funding sources is also encouraged.

Application, Promotion and Awarding Process:

Ongoing promotion in each Promoter.

Application review and award determination will be made within 30 days of receipt of application.

Selections will occur throughout the year with up to 50% of life enrichment budget being dispersed prior to December 1st.

Selection Committee: Shall include at least three members

Expectations of Recipient:

Award recipients are asked to share information about their life enrichment experience including but not limited to their choice of the following – a presentation, a video, or a Promotor article.

Provide Application Information

Include name, address, and phone number with your response to the following:

Describe the opportunity.

State why you are interested in this opportunity.

Describe expected benefit to you and/or others.

Where will the experience be held?

When will it occur?

How much will it cost? (List expenses such as registration, transportation, supplies, etc.)