NDAB Board Meeting – December 6, 2015

NDAB Board Meeting – December 6, 2015

President Mark K called the teleconference meeting to order at 6:40 pm. All board members were in attendance. Jesse Shirek was also present for part of the meeting.

Mark reiterated that a member needs to be recognized by the president, state their name before they can speak.

Allan made a motion to approve the agenda. Motion seconded. Motion approved.

Mark welcomed the attendees and reminded everyone to be respectful in their communication.

Ski – for – Light

Jesse discussed the upcoming bus trip to South Dakota in January 2016. Traditionally a bus has been charted and paid by funding from Judy’s Leisure Tours, Lion Clubs, NDAB and ND School for the Blind Foundation.

The cost of the bus has remained stable in past years at $2000. Judy’s Leisure Tours, NDAB, ND School for the Blind Foundation and the Lions have made donations to fund the cost of the bus. Donations received in excess of the cost of the bus have been held by Judy’s Leisure Tours and credited toward the next year’s bus.

This year the cost of the bus has risen to $3000, leaving approximately a $1000 shortfall. Jesse has sent a letter to the ND School for the Blind Foundation asking for an additional $250 and is requesting NDAB add an additional $250.

The riders are charged $15, which is given to the driver for a tip. Jesse takes care of this arrangement.

Janelle made a motion to approve an additional $250 from NDAB, for a total donation of $750. Motion seconded. Motion approved.

Jesse thanked the board and left the call.

Secretary’s Report

Condolences have been sent to Janice Sowokinos for her son, Marlene Nelson for her husband, Morgan Van Well for her uncle and Larry Skwarok for his mother.

NDAB’s information in the Joint Vision Services Brochure was approved November 22, 2015 by an email vote.
NDAB Convention Guidelines were approved October 29, 2015 by an email vote.
Motion to revise the current NDAB logo failed to pass. An email vote was taken July 30, 2015 with a 5 no to 4 yes vote.

September minutes were approved October 8, 2015 by an email vote.

Treasurer’s Report

Helen presented the current financial report, including checking account and investments. Discussion on a CD that will be due in January 2016. Question asked if there is an incentive interest rate if NDAB keeps the CD at the same bank. Not at this time. No decision made at this time as the rates fluctuate too much to be able to make an informed decision now.

Question if NDAB was fully invested in a money market and it was reported this is in process.

Financial Chair Report

Allan has sent letters to the charitable gaming organizations in the state and the Lions Clubs. We are starting to see a return on those letters. A total of $4780 has come to date, with more proceeds to come in the near future from Minot area and Lions Clubs.

NDAB was successful in getting a requirement overturned for a state position that required a valid driver’s license.

Committee Reports

Strategic Planning

Mark gave a brief history of the strategic planning process, initiated by Mavis several years ago. A meeting was held with students from the University of Mary at camp, at Family Adjustment Seminar later in the fall and the 4 goals were developed.

It was noted that in 2012 at convention, the board was directed to develop the strategic plan. The complete strategic plan is on file with the secretary.

Goal 4 Education and Technology – Sherry
Discussion on the new website, which is planned to be available by the end of December.

All board members and committee chairpersons will have their email and phone number listed on the contact page. Helen’s address will be the only address listed. Discussion on whether or not there will be a link to the president and it was decided not to have this in an effort to prevent confusion. A contact email and a telephone number should be sufficient.
New and renewal membership application will be available. One copy will go to Helen and one to Zelda. Members can direct enter their payment via PayPal or download and print the application.

Upcoming Events will be announced, such as Ski for Light with a link to that website for more information.

Brandon (student working on the website for college credit) has a partial template ready. This template will be the basis for every page on the website. It will have the logo, navigational links, skip to content, home, about, resources and a blog link on every page.

NDAB motto and mission statement will be on the site and a way to place a donation via PayPal. At the bottom of the page will be a link to social media of facebook, twitter, etc.

Website currently has an abstract photograph of nameless people until it is decided which photograph to use.
There will be a log in, search and edit features. Members can change the color, font, size and contrast on the pages.

Amazon Smile will be available, which will give a return on proceeds of items sold thru that option to NDAB.

Sherry and Jesse will maintain the website. A video is being created to demonstrate the maintenance of the website.

Question asked if there will be a list serve and it was noted that it can be available by category.

All information from the old website is being transferred to the new website. It was mentioned that on the current NDAB website it does not mention that new members do not have to pay dues their 1st year. The application for new members does note that no dues are due.

Goal 3 Legislative and Public Policy Advocacy – Allan
Helen and Carol are joining Zelda, Donna and Allan on the legislative committee.

It was discussed staying in contact with ACB to be involved in national issues.

Allan submitted a detailed report for this goal and it is on file with the secretary.

Goal 2 Governance, Authority and Communication – Michelle
The NDAB vision statement is complete.

Constitution and bylaws will be reviewed in June.

Discussed board training by an expert on how to maintain non-profit status.

Discussed the philosophy and operations of NDAB.

Discussed the manuals, guidelines and handbooks developed for NDAB defining roles and responsibilities.

Goal 1 Capacity Building – Zelda
NDAB’s biggest resource is membership. An NDAB orientation and training manual has been developed and education held the Friday evening of convention to new members.

Building relations with communities to increase awareness is also in process.

Membership – Zelda
An application for membership has been received from Kelvin Hiller from Grand Forks. Motion made by Allan, seconded to approve his membership. Motion approved. It was discussed his membership will start January 1, 2016. Allan amended his original motion to include this, motion seconded and approved.

Old Business

2017 Convention Site – Carol

Information was emailed on the Great American Inn in Devils Lake. They have 16 rooms on 1st floor and 16 rooms on 2nd floor.

They do not have a restaurant on site. Discussion re: convention guidelines and having convention at a hotel with a restaurant, especially for diabetics or others who need to eat lunch Sunday before they head home. Meals are going to be catered for the convention and a list of places that do delivery will be made available. An option of having a snack lunch available for Sunday (for a fee) was discussed and this could be on the registration form.

Discussion on having the convention in Devils Lake could potentially draw new members as there has not been a convention at this locale. It was reiterated a lot of assistance will be needed when the convention planning begins.

Allan made a motion to have the 2017 convention at the Great American Inn in Devils Lake. Motion seconded and approved.

New Business

Treasurers Manual submitted for approval. A few minor revisions were discussed and will be implemented by the treasurer. Allan made a motion to approve the manual. Seconded and approved.

The editor of the Promoter has requested a notice in the next issue regarding ‘going green’. Members will need to notify the editor if they want a paper copy, otherwise the issue will be sent to the email address on file. This will be effective May, 2016. Michele made a motion for this request. Motion seconded and approved.

Document standards for NDAB documents, manuals, etc. was briefly discussed. This will be pursued at the next board meeting. Items to consider are: font, size, line spacing and naming conventions. Standardizing all documents helps to ensure all members can access, will decrease confusion, and ease searching for a document. Currently NDAB documents are in a variety of fonts, and range from size 10-18.

The board will consider how to standardize the manuals and documents of NDAB. The secretary has agreed to revise all the manuals, etc. to the suggested formats when this is decided. These minutes are being done in Arial font, size 16, 1 line spacing for the board to review as a format to consider.

The secretary will draft a document with suggested formats for the next board meeting.


There were no announcements.

Allan made a motion to adjourn at 9:03 pm. Motion seconded and approved.

Next board meeting will be February 21, 2016 at 6:30 pm

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