NDAB Board Minutes January 16 2023

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes from January 16, 2023



January 16, 2023

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Trampes Brown, Lexee Steffan, Rebecca Anderson, Helen Baumgartner, Doug Stip, Milissa Miller, Allan Peterson and Zelda Gebhard


GUESTS PRESENT: Janelle Olson, Mary Stip, Doug Puetz, Paula Anundson, Brant Adams & Michelle Zentz,

CALL TO ORDER: Trampes called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm via Zoom.

ROLL CALL: Helen took roll call.



President: Trampes reported that SFL transportation has been finalized. There will be two vehicles going, with no trailer needed. There are 5 participants attending. Emily Stenberg-Brown is posting to Facebook for NDAB.

Secretary: On December 9th, Allan made a motion to approve the December 5th board minutes, seconded by Missy. MC The minutes were approved on December 12th. On December 14th, the board approved signing on to a letter supporting the Website and Software Applications Accessibility Act.

Treasurer’s Report: Allan made a motion to accept the Nov and Dec 2022 Treasurer’s report, seconded by Missy. MC Rebecca will contact the CPA regarding the “White Cane Drive” line item in the Annual Report and visit with them about receiving the report in a timelier manner.

Development Director: Allan reported the updated fundraising totals since June, 2022.

Membership: Lexee reported 87 members have renewed their membership.


Communications: Trampes reported that we are officially using Mail Chimp. David Olson from NDVS/SB was instrumental in assisting in getting it up and running. Missy has been working with Katie to update the website. She asked for program descriptions for all of NDAB’s programs so they have “landing pages” on the website. This information is needed for Life Enrichment, Sports and Rec and Dining in the Dark. The information should be sent to Brant to get to Katie to update the website.

GHD: Allan reported the theme will be “See Blind Possible”. The match fund is $25,186. Donations can be made on the GHD website, by writing a check and sending it to NDAB, or donating on NDAB’s website. There is a Gate City Bank promotion in which $100,000 will be awarded. Trampes reported the work on the GHD video is being finished and will be used for GHD promotions and publicity. The video from the Archery event in Fargo will be edited and sent to Trampes to possibly use for GHD or publicity.

Sports and Rec: Brant reported the Spring Retreat is being planned in conjunction with the NDVS/SB Family weekend March 31 – April 2, 2023.

Awards: Paula is accepting the Advocate of the Year Award nominations. She has chosen the recipient for the Ed Christensen Award. Mary has received two nominations for the Robert LaPage award.

Camp: Missy reported the dates for camp are August 6 – 13, 2023.

Convention 2023: Trampes reported the venue will be the Ramada Inn, in Grand Forks. Room rates are $109. Other details are still being worked out. The dates are June 9 – 11, 2023. Friday night’s activities are scheduled at NDVS/SB

Constitution and Bylaws: An article was written for the Promoter.

Nominations: The offices open for election were announced, along with the delegate. Interested nominees should contact Michelle.

Legislative: Allan reported there will be testimony in support of funding for NDVS/SB and the Talking Book Program. The Legislative Seminar for ACB will be partially virtual and partially in person. Zelda reported the Secretary of State’s Office website is more accessible this year than last year.


Guidelines and Handbooks: Review of the guidelines and handbooks will be done at a later time. There are other NDAB activities that need to be completed at this time.


ACB Delegate: Amy Osvold and Missy Miller are not able to attend the ACB Convention in 2023 as a delegate. Allan made a motion to nominate Gerald to attend as delegate in 2023, seconded by Lexee. MC

Mileage Reimbursement: Zelda made a motion to pay mileage to George Racine for his instruction at the Archery event in Fargo on January 9th in the amount of $121, seconded by Allan. MC

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Lexee stated she has a stack of envelopes she received with the VP materials which she is not able to use. They will be used for camp mailing.

NEXT MEETING: Monday, March 27th, 2023 at 7:00 pm.

ADJOURN: Allan made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Missy. MC The meeting adjourned at 8:58 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Helen Baumgartner, NDAB Secretary