2016 North Dakota Association of the Blind (NDAB) WALK INFORMATION

2016 North Dakota Association of the Blind (NDAB) WALK INFORMATION page:

North Dakota Association of the Blind invites, welcomes, and encourages all who are interested to join them this spring for their 18th NDAB annual “Walk for Vision”

How, Who, When & Where? NDAB members in five cities in North Dakota are hosting a walk to benefit the work of NDAB in their city this spring. Information pertaining to each of the city’s hosting a “Walk for Vision is as follows:


The Walk in Bismarck will be held Saturday morning, April 23rd, at the Gateway Mall, 2700 State St. in Bismarck Registration begins at 9:00 A.M. in the Mall food court area & the Walk will start shortly thereafter. To register & participate or for further details, call Bismarck Walk Chairs:
Genie Lang or Gretchen Campbell at 701-751-1101


The Walk in Fargo will be held Saturday morning, April 30th at the shelly Ellig Indoor Track on the Campus of North Dakota State University, the Track Building is located on 16th Ave. N. (close about a half a block) west of the Bison Sports Arena off University Drive N. Registration will begin at 9 at the entrance of the Track Building, a welcome & introductions will be held at 9:30 followed shortly thereafter by the Walk. For further details, call Fargo Walk Chair: Allan Peterson at 429-7209

Grand Forks:

The Walk in Grand Forks will be held Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 P.M., April 20th, at North Dakota Vision Services – School for the Blind, 500 Stanford Road in Grand Forks. Participants will congregate in the School’s gym for a pep rally at 3:30 & the Walk will kick off shortly thereafter. For further details, call Grand Forks Walk Chair:
Emily Stenberg at 701-795-2709.


For details about our Walk effort in Minot, , call Minot Walk Chair: Mary Stip at 701-839-4138


The Walk in Williston will be held 11 o’clock Saturday morning, April 23 at the track at the Williston High School; in case of inclement weather the Walk will be held at the Williston Area Recreation Center (ARC) in Williston. If the weather outside is questionable, call the walk chair to verify if the alternate walk site has been chosen. To register & participate or for details, call Walk Chair: Steve Skjei at 701-572-5253 or Susan Jorgenson at 701-875-4266

If you would like to participate, but do not live close to one of the cities that’s hosting a walk, you could do your own “virtual” Walk. Please call Allan at 701-429-7209 for details about this possibility. If you were to choose to do your own Walk or recruit others to join you for a Walk in your very own community, call Allan at 701-429-7209 so that you can be supplied with the necessary literature and materials.

2016 Walk for Vision info page Fargo
2016 individual walk base letter
Walk Form

Why do we walk? The purpose of the walk is to raise funds needed to support the ongoing “life-changing” service programs of NDAB & to raise the awareness level of the capabilities and contributions of people who are blind or visually impaired.

The big picture:

It’s estimated that 18,000 or between 2 to 3% of North Dakotans possess some degree of impaired eyesight which cannot be corrected medically. Within this population of ND residents, approximately two thirds have mild to moderate degrees of sight loss, the remaining one third are “legally blind”, which means they are severely visually impaired or have no functional eyesight. NDAB’s mission is directed to work to help improve the lives of those citizens of our state, who have lost some or all of their sight.

How to donate? Donations should be Made payable to:
North Dakota Association of the Blind or NDAB. Donations will be collected at the registration site at the time of the Walk.

Also, donations can be made on line by going to the NDAB web site: www.ndab.org. And follow the instructions after clicking on the donate button.

If you have any questions or need further details, call:

Allan Peterson, NDAB Financial Chair at 701-429-7209
Allan’s mailing address: 7009 Horseshoe Bend, Horace, ND 58047
Allan’s Email address: allan.peterson@ndsu.edu

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