Board Meeting Minutes – September 17, 2017

Board Meeting Minutes

September 17, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Zelda Gebhard. Roll call was taken. Present were Carol Schmitt, Mary Stip, Mark Kueffler, Zelda Gebhard, Allan Peterson, Trampes Brown, Helen Baumgartner and Robert Hart. Our guest was Mickey Teubner.

There was no agenda to approve.

Dining in the Dark

Zelda received an e-mail from Janelle. Janelle talked to Perry Olson with the Minot Lions. Dining In the Dark will be October 12th at 6:30 at the Elevation in Minot. Tickets are $60.00. The Lions Club is still looking into hotels for us. More information to follow.

President’s Report

A letter was sent to all Lions Clubs in the state thanking them for our partnership with them. Brent Askvig met with NDAB members at camp to discuss future strategic planning for NDVS/SB. Everyone agreed that we have to remain vigilant and get info to our members about resources and advancements available to them. There are two articles in the NDVS/SB newsletter that Zelda recommended the board read. One was the Superintendent Scoop by member Paul Olson. The other was the Visions Forum article entitled Partnering with NDAB.

Paul Olson asked if NDAB would be interested in partnering with NDVS/SB with the annual Visions Forum in Fargo on Oct. 19th. Allan made a motion to join them, Mary 2nd. MSC.

Secretary’s Report

Gretchen purchased a headset to make it easier for her to take notes during the meeting. Carol made a motion to reimburse her for the headset, Robert 2nd, MSC.

Sympathy cards sent to:
Cheryl Cassman, death of her brother
Lexee Steffan, death of her aunt
David McCloud, death of his mother
Helen & Dennis Baumgartner, death of Helen’s aunt
Paula Anundson, death of her uncle
Connie Ertelt, death of her brother
Correspondence was a thank you from the NDVS/SB for the donation that was approved at state convention.

Treasurer’s Report

Helen gave the treasurer’s report. Allan made a motion to approve, Trampes 2nd. MSC.

Development Director

Giving Hearts Day will be Feb. 8th, 2018. There have been training sessions which Missy Miller, Cheryl Cassman, Allan Peterson and Michelle Zentz attended in Fargo. Attending in Bismarck was Helen Baumgartner, Genie Lang and Donna Hepper. It was recommended that a committee be formed to assist Allan with fund raising.


There are 14 new members that we accepted this quarter.
Paul Edwards, Miami, FL; Patrick Sheehan, Silver Spring, MD; Eric Marts, Moorhead, MN; Bobbie Marts, Moorhead, MN; Betty Routledge, Minot, ND; Lora Bendickson, Minot, ND; Pamela Alme Davy, Minot, ND; Bryan Anderson, Minot, ND; Lee Dahl, Devils Lake, ND; Sandy Moe, Minot, ND; Paul Nelson, Fargo, ND; Jennifer Folven, Minot, ND; Ray Walters, Minot, ND: Donna Elgie, Minot, ND
Welcome to NDAB!!

Web Administrator

Robert reported that the content on the website is up to date. The web team did not meet over the summer but will be meeting in October. Doug Tschetter will be starting work on the website. Helen asked about GoDaddy, stating we get a yearly bill from them. Robert explained to the board they are the server that hosts the website.

Legislative Committee

No report.

2018 State Convention

The 2018 state convention will be in Bismarck June 8th-10th. The theme is Oh, The Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. The board approved to pay for a higher coffee break if need be due to the location. Location is yet to be determined.

Governing Documents

The committee of Allan, Trampes and Michelle Zentz have been meeting. Nothing to report at this time.

Sports and Rec.

Dave Sundeen is open to changes and mentoring someone. It has been recommended to have a committee of 3-5 people.

Unfinished Business

State Fair Booth
Lots of people at the fair but few stopped. Trampes recommended maybe having a game where the public is blind folded and plays against someone with vision impairment.

New Business

PA System Repair
Robert stated that the current PA system is starting to distort sound, needs cables replaced and has no power in the treble. The amplifier also needs to be repaired. It is believed that the current system is from the 1990’s. It would cost $50.00 to have it looked at, then we would be charged parts and labor after that. Current retail value is approximately $150.00. Carol made a motion to get quotes on a new system. Trampes 2nd. MSC.

State Raffle
Gretchen was wondering about the possibility of having a state-wide raffle. Gretchen and Trampes will look into the legalities of it with the Attorney General, as well as talk to other groups who have done the same to get ideas of what worked and didn’t work.


Adult week at NDVS/SB will be Dec. 3rd-8th.
State Lions convention will be in Bismarck Nov. 3rd & 4th and we would like a representative at the convention.

Robert made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Mary 2nd. MSC. Meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm.

Next meeting: Dec. 10th at 6:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Gretchen Campbell, NDAB Secretary

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