NDAB Board Meeting Minutes – April 3rd 2016

April 3, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 by President Mark Kueffler.

ROLL CALL: Present: Mark Kueffler, Zelda Gebhard, Carol Schmitt, Janelle Olson, Michelle Zentz, Allan Peterson and Sherry Shirek. Absent: Char Feldman
Guests: Loris Van Berkom, Mary Lou Stip and Tracy Wicken.

AGENDA: Michelle requested that ACB Convention Transportation be added to the agenda. Carol made a motion to approve the agenda. Passed.

CONVENTION 2016 UPDATE: Loris informed the board that the room rates have been locked in, with the rates ranging from $65 – $95, depending on the number of beds and kitchen facilities. This rate includes a complimentary hot breakfast. There is no charge for the meeting rooms. Janelle informed the board that there will be speakers and presentations from 2:00 – 4:00 on Friday afternoon. The Pre-Convention Board Meeting will take place at 4:00 pm with an onsite, Lion-sponsored picnic beginning at 6:00. Meal options for the banquet were discussed. Allan made a motion that there be three menu choices at $25/plate with NDAB paying $5/plate, leaving $20/plate/person. Motion seconded by Carol. Passed. Loris has attempted contact with Terry Nelson to invite him as a vendor. Zelda informed Loris that he also needs to be invited to the banquet to receive the Honorary Member Award he received at the convention last year. His banquet ticket would be paid. With no further updates to the 2016 Convention, Loris left the meeting at this time.

ROBERT “BOB” LEPAGE AWARD: Candy Lien was not able to be present for this meeting. She will get the information for this award to the board this week.

SCHOLARSHIP REPORT: Tracy Wicken reported that she did not receive any applications for any of the NDAB scholarships, therefore, there are no recipients this year. She sent out letters as she has in the past and placed a notice in the Promoter. She has made notes of ways she can follow up and encourage applicants for next year. After Tracy answered all questions of the board, she left the meeting.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: In Char’s absence, Helen read the additions to the minutes as a result of action taken via email since the February meeting. These items include appointing Lexee Steffan as administrator of Facebook, paying for a three year security certificate for the website and the board declining the services of Epic Visibility at this time. Char sent sympathy cards to Whitney Engbrecht for the loss of her grandfather, Paula Anundson for the loss of her nephew, Connie Ertelt for the loss of her grandson, Lonna Helenske for the loss of her mother, Doranna Robertson and Annette Kary for the loss of her mother, Elsie Friesz. The list of things Char has done to format NDAB documents was shared and her suggestions for condensing and revising some of them. This will be sent to the board for their information.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Helen gave the checking account balance. There has been no update in the American Century Investment funds since the last board meeting.

FINANCIAL CHAIR REPORT: Helen read the fund raising income to date. Allan informed the board that the Walk for Vision will be held in five cities from April 20th – April 30th.

FAMILY ADJUSTMENT SEMINAR: Janelle reported that she has not yet been able to reach the contact person for Dining in the Dark. She will continue to pursue this as a possible replacement or another angle to the Family Adjustment Seminar.

LEGISLATIVE REPORT: Allan reported that he, Zelda and Donna Hepper attended the ACB Legislative Seminar February 29th – March 1st. They were able to meet with our congressional delegation and with the congressional delegation from Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming. Allan and Zelda felt the meetings went very well and they had one of the best visits ever to Capitol Hill. There are currently four different issues that are being addressed which affect people with disabilities. Zelda had sent out information in which members are able to access archives of the sessions held during the Legislative Seminar. This month, AFB will be hosting a call regarding the Cogswell-Macy Act. Zelda will pass on information on this to the membership so that people can contact their congressmen to voice their opinion. Allan also informed the board that there will be a mock legislative session offered by the North Dakota Disability Advocacy Consortium this fall.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: Zelda reported that we lost two members as a result of their deaths, Doranna Robertson and Elsie Friesz. Dawn Freemont has submitted her application. Carol made a motion to approve Dawn’s application, seconded by Allan. Passed. There are currently 176 NDAB members – 144 active, 26 delinquent, 1 junior, 4 lifetime and 1 honorary member. The NDAB Member Handbook is being updated. Upon its completion, Zelda will share the revised edition with the board for their reading pleasure and use it at the new member training.

PUBLICITY REPORT: Sherry reported that publicity has been focused on the website. She has added information for the Walk. Lexee will be creating events on Facebook for each region that will participate in the Walk. The website has space for three events, so the three most current events are there. Discussion was held on the discussion lists that could be added to the website that the members could participate in. Sherry will find the original email of the various discussion lists and send it out to the board to decide which lists should be added to the website. These lists would be on another page with links to the discussion lists. Sherry is concerned that the website is in her name and credit card. She would like to have this changed. This will be discussed further at an upcoming board meeting.


TRANSPORTATION TO ACB CONVENTION IN MN: At the last meeting, the question was raised regarding the possibility of having a bus transport interested members to the ACB Convention in MN. There are 10 people who expressed interest in attending following an email sent out by Zelda. Allan made a motion to increase the number of stipends from 10 to 20 as a one-time allowance, seconded by Sherry. Passed. This will be offered in place of NDAB assisting in transportation costs to and from the convention.
DINING IN THE DARK: Janelle will continue to attempt contact with the Minot Lions.
2017 CONVENTION UPDATE: Carol informed the board that the American Inn in Devils Lake has offered free coffee on Saturday. Room rates include a 10% discount on the current rate of $79.95 for two people plus 10 for each additional person per room. This includes a complimentary cold breakfast. There is a lounge on site.
NOMINATIONS FOR VICE PRESIDENT: Allan indicated that he has someone in mind, but needs to talk with that person first.

EDITOR’S MANUAL: Carol made a motion to approve the manual, seconded by Allan. Zelda asked that a sentence be added regarding how people who request the Promoter via email receive their copy of the newsletter. She noticed some grammatical errors and font inconsistencies. Motion passed with suggested corrections.
PARLIAMENTARIAN: Laurie McHenry, who has been our Parliamentarian for the past couple of conventions is not able to be in Williston. To date, there has not been a parliamentarian secured for the 2016 Convention in Williston.
PROPOSED CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS AMENDMENTS: There was concern expressed regarding the amount of changes proposed at one convention setting. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that the proposed changes will be presented to the membership via a special mailing 30 days prior to the convention. The Constitution and By-Laws Committee will separate the clerical changes from the substance changes and prioritized them to present to the convention body.

Mark sent a letter of recommendation for Lexee Steffan to receive an ACB Leadership Award

NEXT MEETING: The next NDAB Board Meeting was set for June 10, 2016 @ 4:00 pm in Williston.

ADJOURN: The meeting adjourned at 9:37 pm.

Submitted by Helen Baumgartner in the absence of Char Feldman, Secretary

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