NDAB Board Meeting Minutes: June 12th 2016 (post convention)

NDAB Post Convention Board Meeting

June 12, 2016

Meeting called to order at 1:05 pm

Members present:

  • President – Zelda
  • Vice President – Mary
  • Secretary – Char (acting for Gretchen)
  • Treasurer – Helen
  • Board members – Robert, Carol – Sherry absent
  • Development Director – Allan
  • Immediate past president – Mark

Zelda gave the Code of Conduct to each board member to sign.

It was recommended Mary have her own email account to follow the intent of the Code of Conduct for confidentiality.

ACB stipends were requested for Janelle, Mike, Michelle, Allan, Donna, Doug, Mary, Krista, Tom, and Todd for a total of 10 members. Carol made a motion to approve. Motion seconded. Motion carried.

ACB Convention: The ACB secretary sent a request for roll call information. The secretary needs the name of the affiliate delegate, name of the alternate delegate, name of someone attending who will represent the affiliate on the nominating committee, and the number of chairs needed. Chairs needed will be 14. Loris is the delegate. Zelda volunteered to go to the nominating committee meeting. Mary will be the alternate delegate for roll call voting.

No new membership applications.

Conference call for new board member orientation was proposed. Meeting notices to the board will be sent via email.

NDAB manuals will be on the website when the board section is available.

Meeting adjourned.

Next board meeting will be September 11, 6:30 pm.

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