NDAB Board Meeting Minutes November 8 2020

November Board Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2020
Present: Zelda, Shereen, Trampes, Allan, Ali, Mark, Rebecca
Absent: Mickey, Gretchen
Guests: Mary Lou, Michelle, Missy, Helen, Bob M., Doug P.

Guest Topics

Missy shared information about the 2021 NDAB Convention. The Hilton Garden Inn sold the ballroom to a wedding Saturday night, so no banquet. Cancellation fees waived through 2020, so there would be no cost to cancel. Rick, Char and Missy looked at the venue. Possible to move to virtual convention, a hybrid model or move to different dates. A weekday Convention may work for some members, but not for others. As written, there is no provision in NDAB documents filed with ND for virtual voting for election, budget, and bylaw changes. Secretary of State office was contacted by Zelda concerning what would be allowed for NDAB to continue to be a nonprofit in good standing.

ACB has gone virtual in 2021 for Leadership in February and National in July. Those in attendance discussed if an in-person NDAB Convention would be safe in June 2021.

Agreed to a special meeting on December 13th to continue discussion and make decision.



Zoom – After exploring the settings, phone-in users do not need to enter the passcode. All the iCloud storage we are allotted for our professional contract is full. Saved meetings could be deleted or more space purchased. Doug P hasn’t been receiving email notifications.
Put together Voting survey through google forms. Everyone was encouraged to complete it. Information received from your responses might be helpful to share with ND election officials.


September Board Meeting Minutes were read. Motion to approve by Allan, second by Shereen. MSC
Email decisions:
Retreat COVID-19 Liability waiver, approved 9-16
ACB Holiday auction item, approved 10-3
Volunteer Hours: Planning to send out a reminder towards the end of the year and start fresh the first of the year.
Code of Conduct 2020: Have received from Zelda, Ali, Allan and Rebecca. I will send one to Shereen.
No sympathy cards sent out since the September meeting.
The sympathy card for the family of Richard Fadness was returned with no forwarding address. The Secretary will have access to Google Docs for the membership list.


September and October Reports: Motion to approve by Allan, second by Trampes. MSC
CPA Review is still pending.
A letter was read regarding an estate that is being settled. NDAB may receive a bequest.

Development Director

Walk/White Cane Safety Day – report attached
GHD 2021 Planning February 11
There are virtual meetings and training sessions provided by the Impact Foundation because we are a participating charity. $25,000 goal has been set with $12,500 match needed.



Shereen will have plaques made. Recognition of volunteers is needed, regardless of Convention status.

Legislative and Advocacy


Membership committee: Ali, Zelda, Trampes, Dawn Fremont
If anyone wants to be on the committee, contact Ali via email.
A meeting in September was successful, next is December 10 at 3. Survey is being drafted for satisfaction and interest of members of NDAB. There will be changes to the membership form.
Ali set up a Google Docs membership list. It can be accessed and updated by the usual keepers of the list.
Applications for membership:
Lilly Mann, Fargo, Blind
Andy Davis, Minot, VI
Allan made a motion, Shereen seconded. MSC

Sports and Recreation

Trampes reported that the 2nd annual Recreation Retreat had 19 attendees, beautiful weather, and no reports of anyone getting ill.
New members were recruited. It was a successful event with Facebook photos and posts. Activities included hiking, zipline, wall climbing and kayaking.
The soccer ball that Trampes purchased didn’t hold up to use; football was more difficult to use so wasn’t used much.
There is no spring event planned for 2021.
Equipment Loan Agreement not discussed at the meeting.

Unfinished Business

Virtual Memorial Service

Will be held via Zoom during the Just Talking date of November 17at 7 PM. Allan, Shereen, Mary Lou, and Doug are planning the event. There was an article in the November Promoter, so NDAB members have received information about it.
Mary Lou made list of deceased people she knew of and added from Promoter list.
Cole will do memorial sermon.

Olga Neal Estate

Committee met on November 4. Shereen, Mary Lou, Rebecca, Helen, Kathy Johnson were invited to attend.
Shereen shared that the following have been suggested:
• Maintenance-free bench at Camp Grassick near cabin 23 $300-$400
• Help families with expenses to attend NDVS/SB Family Weekends
• Technology needs at NDVS/SB
• Little Rooms for NDVS/SB $3,500 each
• Scholarship

Life After the Big E

Series of zoom calls with a small group of individuals going through loss of vision Janelle not present, no report.

Review of strategic planning session held October 24:
Increase the number of goal groups from four to five. Instead of forming separate goal group committees, have existing NDAB committees take the lead to select objectives and actions. Each goal group will have a leader who will be responsible for organizing necessary meetings and reporting back to the board on a quarterly basis. Zelda is compiling the information from existing strategic plan and that brought up during the SP session. Further plans are evolving.

New Business

Suggestion was made that we consider residing the Hideaway (storage building) at Camp Grassick. Shereen will follow up with Rick Feldman.


Just Talking

November 17 – Virtual Memorial Service
December 15 – Guest Jeff Thom, AAVL president
January 19 – Connecting with ND State Legislators
February 16 – Contact Zelda with suggestions for topic
March 16 – Contact Zelda with suggestions for topic

Next meeting will be December 13th at 6:30 to discuss NDAB 2021 Convention.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07 pm.
Shereen made a motion, Allan 2nd MSC

Respectfully submitted,
Rebecca Anderson, Treasurer/Registered Agent (substituting for Gretchen Campbell)