NDAB Board Meeting Sept. 9th, 2018

NDAB Board Meeting Sept. 9th, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Zelda at 6:36 p.m. Roll call was taken. Present were Mary, Trampes, Gretchen, Mark, Shereen, Allan, Zelda, Helen and Robert. Guests present Janelle Olson and Mickey Teubner.

Dining in the Dark was reported by Janelle. This is the third year that we will be having the event with the Minot City Lions. At this time board members who will be able to attend are Mary, Trampes, Gretchen and Shereen. Others that will be attending are Mickey, Brant Adams, Kathy and Janelle Olson.

President’s Report was given by Zelda. She discussed Project Aware, a PowerPoint presentation, put together by NDVS/NDSB. Suggestions were discussed concerning the part that contains NDAB information. Mary made a motion that we make the suggestions. Trampes 2nd. MSC.

Secretary’s Report was given by Gretchen. Items approved since the last board meeting via e-mail are as follows:

Membership for Tony Scherer-June 29th
Approval of the Convention minutes-July 15th
Approval of final reimbursement for Dr. Snyder’s expenses for the audio description workshop-July 29th

Sympathy cards were sent to:
Violet and Michelle Zentz for the death of her brother/uncle
Kathryn Loe for the death of her brother
The family of Idell Nelson, former NDAB member
Denise Kirsch for the death of her uncle
Eric & Bobbie Marts
Paula Anundson

We received a thank you from Violet Zentz for the card.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Helen.

Developmental Director’s report was given by Allan. The Dakota Medical Foundation is having their kickoff meetings for Giving Hearts Day. The meetings will be taking place from the 11th to the 26th.

The membership report was given by Mary. Member applications were presented. New members include:
Emily Stenberg, East Grand Forks, MN
Chris Gray, St. Louis, MO
Beatrice Krogen, Bottineau, ND
Kim & Brian Charlson, Watertown, MA
Yvette Matthews, Mandan, ND
Lindsay Fleming, Minot, ND

Mary made a motion that after 1st year of teaching at camp, the individual needs to become a member in order to teach a 2nd year. Discussion was held, and the motion was withdrawn.

The website administrator report was given by Robert. Whitney Engbrecht has been doing Facebook postings. The board asked Doug Tschetter to work on the NDAB webpage. Robert stated that Doug has had a commitment that keeps getting renewed. Therefore, he has been unable to work on our website. Robert will discuss with him to see if this will continue and report back to the board. Zelda recommended that we have a communications committee for all the various communications that we have.

Legislative report was given by Allan and Zelda. The ND Disability Advisory Consortium is sponsoring a Legislative Training Institute Nov. 7-9 at the Ramada in Bismarck. Information and registration forms were sent to those with email.

2019 State Convention will be in Minot. Speaking will be Billy Altum, the National Director of Rural Centers of Independent Living. He will be discussing transportation in rural areas. He will be reimbursed for transportation and hotel.

It was brought to the board’s attention that there have been individuals who have received a stipend for the state conventions but have not incurred any expenses because hotel and transportation are paid. After much discussion Helen made a motion to delete the wording of “personal expenses” and change the wording to include “lodging and/or transportation expenses” and that a member must incur lodging and/or transportation expenses to receive a stipend. Allan seconded the motion. MSC.

Trampes gave the report for the Sports & Rec committee. Trampes was approached by Ken Dockter from NDSB about the possibility of using the audio dart board and beep baseball bases to help observe Blind Sports Recreation with the middle school students at the school on Oct. 25th. Shereen made a motion to share the sports equipment with the school. Robert 2nd. MSC.

Unfinished Business

Robert made a motion that the old sound system be recycled since we have the new one. Mary 2nd. MSC. Robert also stated that a snake would help the new sound system achieve better sound balance as the mixer could be located in the back of the room. One has been given to NDAB. He also noted that the addition of two direct boxes at a cost of approximately $25 each would provide more even sound from different sources such as guitar, voice on microphones, etc. Allan made a motion to purchase the two direct boxes, Shereen 2nd. MSC.

New Business

Accessible prescription labeling can be provided to individuals with a program called Script Talk. Currently there is one pharmacy in ND that participates in the program. Individuals can get a free machine from Envision America to read the labeling. The program can produce audio, large print or braille labels. Zelda asked the board for approval for NDAB to take the lead and work with other disability groups to provide information and education to the pharmacies in ND. Allan made a motion that we do this. Mary 2nd. MSC.

Emily Stenberg and Zelda have been corresponding about the possibility of NDAB partnering with NDVS/SB in developing a Story Stroll which would be located on the NDVS/SB land in Grand Forks. The “story” is yet to be decided on but possibly will be based on the history of the School, NDAB and/or blind individuals from ND. This information will be on a post along the walking path. The story will be in print, Braille and audio with the use of a QR code.

ND State Lions Convention is the middle of Oct. in Grand Forks. Allan will plan on attending.

Next board meeting will be Oct. 5th at 8:30 a.m. in Minot. Topic of discussion is yet TBD.

Shereen made a motion to adjourn. Robert 2nd. MSC.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gretchen Campbell, Secretary

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