NDAB Board Minutes August 29 2021

NDAB Board Meeting Minutes August 29 2021

BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT: Trampes Brown, Rebecca Anderson, Helen Baumgartner, Doug Stip, Milissa Miller, Allan Peterson and Zelda Gebhard

BOARD MEMBERS ABSENT: Ali Engraf and Mickey Teubner

GUESTS PRESENT: Mary Stip and Michelle Zentz

WELCOME: Trampes called the meeting to order at 6:31 pm via Zoom. He welcomed everyone to the meeting.

ROLL CALL: Helen took roll call.

GUEST TOPICS: Mary inquired who the board contact person is for support groups in areas across the state. She will let the board know when the FM Visions support group is established and the information will be passed on as necessary.


President: Trampes reported there are not a lot of changes since the last board meeting. He is attempting to get more members involved in committees. The weekly calls with NDVS/SB are continuing.

Secretary: Zelda made a motion to approve the July 11th board minutes as amended, seconded by Ali. MC. The minutes were approved on July 15th.

Shereen Faber has researched the cost of a plaque to go with the sunset picture that will be hung above the fireplace in the dining hall in honor of Dan Mimnaugh.  Crown Trophies has given her a bid of approximately $40 for a 7” X 9” hardwood plaque which would read: “Dan Mimnaugh In gratitude for his dedicated service at Elks Camp Grassick from 1973 – 2020”. Helen made a motion that NDAB pay the cost of having this plaque prepared by Crown Trophies, seconded by Mickey. Missy Miller made a friendly amendment to change the wording on the plaque to read: “In honor of Dan Mimnaugh for his 47 years of service to Elks Camp Grassick With love and gratitude North Dakota Association of the Blind”. Helen accepted the friendly amendment. MC. Purchase of the plaque was approved on July 30th.


On August 5th all Code of Conduct forms were received by Helen.

On August 16th sympathy cards were sent to:

David McCloud for the loss of his brother, Robert.

Delan and Kathryn Schmidt for the loss of Kathryn’s father-in-law, Reinhold


Elton Faber for the loss of his wife, Shereen Faber, NDAB member.

Ruth Geske for the loss of her daughter, Shereen Faber, NDAB member.

Discussion was held to establish guidelines for sending out sympathy cards from NDAB.

Treasurer: Allan made a motion to approve the July Treasurer’s report, seconded by Helen. MC. Missy inquired as to why we have so much money in our checking account. Rebecca stated funds in checking and money market are safe until CD interest rates increase and investment decisions are made. The Finance Committee will pursue options for investing a portion of NDAB’s funds that are now in the checking account and money market account.

Development Director: Allan reported receiving $4,050 in donations from charitable gaming and $450 from Lions Clubs since the beginning of this fiscal year. He has registered for Giving Hearts Day (GHD) 2022. An application has been processed and the fee has been paid. There are videos for GHD from last year. Emily is interested in making a new one for this year. Allan is also getting ready for the Walk for Vision on Oct 15th. He is pursuing proclamations from the Governor and the Mayor of Fargo. He inquired about pursuing proclamations from mayors of other cities as well. He has secured a place to hold the Walk in Fargo near the NDSU campus. Emily stated NDVS/SB is interested in doing a Walk as well. He is inviting any other cities who would like to participate to do so. He will send out letters to those who have donated in the past. Some of the funds generated from the Walk for Vision will be used as a match for GHD. His goal is $30,000 for GHD, with $15,000 coming from matching funds. Allan made a motion to donate $200 to NDSU Crossroads Lutheran Center, seconded by Rebecca. They allow NDAB to conduct the Walk for Vision in their building. Allan made a friendly amendment to his motion to state that the donation will be given if the Walk for Vision is held. MC.


Camp: Missy reported that there is a newly formed Camp Committee, consisting of Missy, Whitney Engbrecht, Helen, Lexee Steffan and Tony Scherer, with Loris and Rick serving in an advisory capacity. Tim Kachel has agreed to apprentice Rick next year to learn the role of Co-camp Director in Rick’s place. Missy will be taking Loris’ position as Co-camp Director. The Committee is meeting weekly to create a survey to go to membership and past campers to get their ideas and suggestions on how they would like to see camp move forward. The survey results will be used to guide the work of the committee.

Communication: No report

Membership: In Ali’s absence, Helen read her report. Since our last board meeting, we have received three completed membership applications. The applicants are Mariel Zeller, sighted, from Minot; Jason Heim, visually impaired, from Dickinson and Emily Zilka, visually impaired, from Grand Forks. In her report, Ali made a motion to accept these applicants for membership, seconded by Allan. MC. NDAB member, Shereen Faber, passed away on August 13th. Ali is busy keeping member’s contact information up-to-date.

Sports & Recreation: Trampes reported the Sports and Rec Retreat at Wesley Acres currently has 9 people registered, with more registrations expected. There will be applicants under the age of 18 for the first time this year. Wesley Acres is following CDC guidelines regarding COVID. Proof of vaccination is not required. If not vaccinated, masks are required. Masks are required in the dining hall for all participants. The registration deadline is Tuesday, August 31st. The prepaid $500 deposit, which is used to pay for lodging and meals, will not be sent until Friday, September 3rd in case COVID spikes more during this week. Wesley Acres is not requiring a signed COVID waiver this year. Zelda suggested an NDAB waiver should be sign by participants to make them aware that there is a risk of contracting COVID while participating in this activity. Trampes will get the NDAB waiver updated and sent out to participants prior to attending the activity.

Committee Participation: Committee participation was the topic of the August Just Talking call. If people know of members who are interested in serving on a committee, they should let Trampes know.

Legislative: Allan reported that there are two resolutions that the committee will be working on with staff in the offices of our congressional delegation in DC. Pending legislation in Congress, the Disability Access to Transportation Act and the Exercise and Fitness for All Act, are the substance of two resolutions adopted by our 2021 NDAB Convention. Zelda reported that as register lobbyists, she and Allan need to file an expenditure report. When filing the form at the Secretary of State’s Office, she found out the form is not accessible. The Secretary of State’s Office is looking into how they can adjust the form to make it accessible.


NEW BUSINESS: Helen inquired as to the reason for approving minutes between meetings. Zelda informed the board that it helps with getting the minutes in the Promoter in a timely manner so they are not so outdated by the time they reach the membership.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Allan thanked Trampes and Zelda for acknowledging his receipt of the DKM Award and presenting him with a T-shirt that says: “I get by with a little help from my friends”.

NEXT MEETING: The next meeting is scheduled for October 3rd at 6:30 pm.

ADJOURN: Allan made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Missy. MC

The meeting was adjourned at 8:04 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Helen Baumgartner, NDAB Secretary