NDAB Board Minutes February 10, 2019

NDAB Board Minutes

February 10, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 6:33 p.m. by Zelda. Present were Zelda, Mary, Gretchen, Rebecca, Robert, Allan, Trampes and Shereen. Absent was Mark. Our guest was Michelle Zentz.

President’s Report

Disability Awareness Day was cancelled due to the cold weather. It will not be rescheduled. Thank you to Mickey Teubner, Bobby Westermeyer, Brant Adams, Tonya Adams and Gretchen for planning to attend.

Secretary’s Report

A sympathy card was sent to:
Denise Kirsch on the death of her mother
The family of Edith Larson
The family of Richard Ramsay
Paula Anundson on the death of her mother

Email decision made since the previous meeting:
Approval of January board meeting minutes 1-10

Treasurer’s Report

A written report was submitted to the board prior to the meeting. Questions were answered. Shereen made a motion to approve, Mary 2nd. MSC.

Development Director Report

Charitable gaming-Two hundred letters have been sent out. One hundred letters to Lions groups.

Giving Hearts Day is Feb. 14th. The theme for NDAB is Double Down with NDAB. About 700 letters were sent out. We have a match of $8,100. Video is on the website. There will be a mass e-mail sent out. There are volunteers who will be calling to thank donors.

Walk for Vision may be in the fall.

Committee Reports


Robert LePage letters have been sent to Lions Clubs. Ed Christensen award has been selected. Advocate of the Year and Friend of NDAB have yet to be decided.


Camp will be August 4-11. Theme is Mardi Gras. Class ideas should be turned in to Loris or Rick.

Constitution and By-Laws

Have met and will be meeting again.

Convention 2019

The theme for the convention is Envision the Possibilities. Dates for convention are June 7-9 at the Sleep Inn in Minot.3

Dining in the Dark

Will be Thursday, April 4th in Minot. Perry will let Janelle know about meal selections. Board will meet April 5th.


The House is close to finalizing the appropriations budget for NDSB/SB this week. Allan, Zelda and Carol Schmitt will be going to Washington, D.C. at the end of the month. Topics that they will be discussing are Low Vision Devices and Accessible Durable Medical Equipment. Allan is in the process of getting appointments.


Mary submitted applications for Colleen Johnson and Virginia Miller. Robert made a motion to approve the new members, Allan seconded, MSC. We currently have 228 active members and 3 deaths. There are 59 members left to renew.


The guidelines for the Nominating Committee Manual have been revised. Mary made a motion to accept the revision, Allan 2nd, MSC.

Sports and Recreation

Several events have been discussed. Travel and logistics have been difficult. The committee is trying to think outside the box. May possibly do a multi-site on the same day. Researching if NDAB gives scholarships to young individuals to camp similar to the way we sponsor Montana kids for space camp.

Web Director

The new member handbook is on the website. Thanks to Brant Adams, Mickey Teubner and Michelle Zentz. The problem with the membership form was fixed. Giving Hearts Day details are on the website.

Unfinished Business

Statewide raffle application and permit have been turned in. Trampes has contacted Gretchen with permit number. Gretchen is waiting to see a proof of the raffle tickets.

Video displays-tabled

Volunteer hours-Gretchen will check into more. Tabled.

Philmore voicemail-tabled.

Rebecca and Gretchen have both purchased equipment for backing up files.

Lifetime Membership

Criteria will be reviewed by a committee. There is only one lifetime currently. Several individuals were discussed for the possibility of a lifetime membership. Honorary membership is decided by the convention body and lifetime membership is decided by the board.

New Business

Smileamatic has contacted several board members. They make it sound like they are part of Amazon and want us to encourage people to use AmazonSmiles. Research was done and it was found that Smileamatic is actually a coupon company not affiliated with Amazon.


Just Talking-Feb. Topic is AIRA on Tuesday the 19th.

Next meeting March 31st at 6:30 p.m.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:33 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gretchen Campbell, Secretary
Approved 3-28-19

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